How To Find Out If You Need HGH

Getting older is surely a scary word for a lot of people, specifically people who are approaching middle age. You really begin to feel the effects of aging as you near your 40th birthday. Although you may be in great shape, jog occasionally, and eat nutritiously, you are sure to notice effects of aging on your body, both inside and out. How can this situation be addressed? Can you actually do something about getting older?

Even though it is normal to get older in life, people still do not have any reason to accept getting older without a fight. Where are the age old multicentarians like they had during Biblical times? Surely, people in the olden days were used to getting older, and actually 40 years was thought to be a youthful age. When you have a long life, the keyword here is the quality of your life. What is the point in living to a ripe old age if you will be confined to a nursing home, unable to think or remember, and unable to see very well?

This is the reason that the discovery of HGH (Human Growth Hormone) and its actions in the human body are so important. The pituitary gland makes the hormone known as HGH. Even though HGH was found many years ago, it only attracted mainstream attention when Dr. Daniel Rudman published the outcome of his discoveries in 1990 in the New England Journal. A group of elderly men received HGH and he compared the positive results with a test control group that received no HGH. Since then, HGH has been confirmed as one of the most effective anti-aging substances in the known, world as proven by medical researchers who have followed HGH research.

HGH was initially intended to be given to children with growth problems, however it quickly became apparent that older people required it, and after awhile, middle aged people also. Even so, the synthetic manufacture of HGH took quite some time for the pharmaceutical companies to figure out. The price of HGH is high and the drug is difficult to find even now because of the cost of manufacturing, however, there is a significant “black market” trade to meet the demand. Many of those who utilize HGH are athletes who use it to get a performance advantage. However, due to the great number of abuse cases by these athletes, they have tarnished the reputation of the hormone.

The production of HGH goes down after reaching adulthood, however, the decrease is gradual initially, and is more noticeable between the ages of 35 to 40 years old. We still do not have a good understanding of why the pituitary produces less HGH, but decreased HGH levels definitely play a major role in the process of aging.

How can you figure out if you require HGH? The considerations are how old you are, and your health overall. You do not require HGH if you are not aging and still experiencing growth. However, once you are 40 or older and you start to notice wrinkles, gray hair, fatigue, and memory issues, taking HGH supplements will probably be quite helpful. See a doctor before you start using the growth hormone, however, because using it can have many wide ranging effects on your system. Keep in mind, however, the expense of legally obtaining HGH, as it could cost thousands of dollars for years of treatment.

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An additional reason for needing HGH supplements is if your pituitary gland is passive. A thorough medical exam that emphasizes IGF-1, a biomarker for HGH, can reveal this condition. Some people have a lazy pituitary gland from birth, and if you are like this, your doctor might suggest a certain HGH program for you.

You might consider an alternative way to elevate the levels of growth hormone. Employ a releaser of HGH instead of getting the hormone directly. Releasers help the pituitary gland disperse extra growth hormone, and so, it is a lot more natural, and a harmless alternative to sticking yourself with growth hormone needles. There are none of the risks that are associated with injections of HGH with HGH releasers that have been proven to raise levels of HGH. Excessive, direct, HGH administration has been shown to be responsible for health issues like carpal tunnel syndrome, acromegaly, and some types of cancer.

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What promise does HGH hold? There is an increasing awareness that people can do something about aging, and soon we very well may see news and research with regard to HGH and its role in anti-aging. If applied using a very controlled method, I do not see why HGH can not decrease, or actually completely turn around the progressive onslaught of aging. HGH offers everyone a possibility that aging can really be controlled, and that a good standard of life can be maintained, in spite of the elderly years of human life.

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