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HGH is interesting to both men and women worldwide. The pituitary gland in the brain is responsible for producing HGH (Human Growth Hormone). You can find this gland in the center of the brain. HGH is a chain of 191 amino acid proteins. It is produced by the pituitary gland where somatotroph cells are stored. Their purpose is to create, store and secrete HGH. Right after birth, the human body begins to make HGH, the most plentiful hormone that is made by the pituitary gland located in the brain. Then, the liver absorbs HGH and changes it into growth factors that are able to interact with the cells of the body. Cell reproduction depends upon this interaction, because it tells the cells when to die off and when to live. A cell’s reproduction rate will show a marked decline without instructions from the growth hormone. Here are some of the benefits HGH can provide: improved skin condition, increased energy levels, a control of the signs of aging.

ChildrenIt is thought to aid in our ability to produce a certain amount of muscle mass and to exert control over the metabolic rate. HGH levels are also believed to influence our energy levels. Certain illnesses will respond to a therapeutic administration of HGH. A gain in height is growth hormone’s main function.

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Children who have the right amount of HGH grow taller than children who do not. The body enjoys its highest levels of HGH between the ages of 21 and 30 years. Our HGH levels begin to drop fast from the age of approximately 30 years onwards. It’s believed that HGH levels in our bodies go down by approximately 14 percent each decade, meaning we have less energy as we age. As we age, the pituitary gland functions less efficiently, thus lowering HGH production. Lowering of HGH levels results in putting on of weight, reduction in bone strength and lowered calcium retention. Research has shown a decrease in HGH levels of as much as 80 per cent over time. The onset of advanced age causes a slow down of HGH production, which can result in significant illnesses. Lack of HGH can cause heart disease, cholesterol problems, and loss of memory. Severe HGH deficiencies can lead to sleeping problems, lowered concentration and general apathy. Low amounts of energy or chronic fatigue are also attributed to deficient HGH production. Some patients with HGH deficiencies have reported complete loss of libido. In general, to maintain well being and health and to grow properly, the correct level of HGH is necessary.

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